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Out to Eat!

Columbia Metropolitan's Out to Eat! Restaurant Profiles

Summer’s Frozen Assets

¡Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo, “fifth of May,” is a vibrant Mexican-American celebration that honors Mexican heritage and pride.

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Look Good, Feel Better

The Chemotherapy Story

“If you survive chemo, you do feel like you can survive anything.”

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It all began with a Napkin

The only tears shed were for happiness. The weather was gorgeous. The bride looked stunning.

The Freshest Festival In Town

The fifth annual Tasty Tomato Festival will be held on July 15 at City Roots Urban Farm.

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Freedom of Education

South Carolina parents are being empowered to control and customize their child’s education.

Hitting the Number One Rank

For a number of reasons, the Honors College is ranked number one among the 50 other public honors colleges throughout the United States.

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Small Spaces Make Cozy Places

From large metropolitan cities to the sprawling homes of Southern plantation-style houses, most people have encountered a small space design dilemma.

A Mediterranean Ambience in the Midlands

Located on a Lake Murray peninsula, a Mediterranean villa transforms a touch of the South Carolina Midlands into a picturesque taste of Italy’s coast.