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Archive »Eat & Drink

The Impromptu Picnic

This spring, make the most of the season by planning an oldie but goodie — a classic picnic with some fresh new recipes.

Savory Suggestions: Farm to Table (or Shaker)

Savory Suggestions: The many shades of rosé

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Archive »Health & Wellness

Batting a Thousand

Baseball is widely considered a sport where numbers and data are meticulously dissected and careful thought is given to every pitch in every situation.

Mending a Broken Heart

Dave, an avid cyclist, decided to take a 20-mile bike ride through Fort Jackson before watching the Carolina-Georgia game that afternoon with his family, but just four miles into his workout, Dave felt “tired and out of gas.”
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Archive »Community


As the door to the cage slammed shut, the dive briefing commenced: “You will be down about 40 feet, so if there is any malfunction, you will have to open the cage door and swim up to the boat.

“Oh, Mr. Raccoon! I’ve Got a Warrant For You”

The bay of hounds on a trail, stars twinkling overhead and the prospect of outsmarting one of the most cunning creatures in the forest are all elements that cause coon hunting to become an obsession for so many after their first experience.
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Archive »Education

In Their Own Words

Student Spotlight

Independent schools provide smaller class sizes and one-on-one attention from teachers, making education more personalized and accessible to students.
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Archive »Home & Garden

Floating Florals

Make a big splash in your water feature this season by introducing flowering or non-flowering plants.

Et Cetera: Cattails

It is difficult not to smile when you see a clump of cattails growing wild in the wetlands or strategically placed in a beautiful water feature or pond.
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