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Pamela Bynoe-Reed

When it comes to standing tall as a community leader, Pamela Bynoe-Reed knows that she stands on the shoulders of others. She has strong women in her life who have helped guide and encourage her along her path to success as The COMET’s director of marketing and community affairs/PIO.

“My faith plays a huge part in any success I have,” Bynoe-Reed says. “I truly depend upon God to guide my steps and put me in the right place at the right time, and I’ve been fortunate to have some fabulous mentors and teammates along the way. For example,  Judy Baskins, formerly of Palmetto Health (now Prisma), accelerated my growth as a professional. I strive to emulate the support and graciousness she showed to her team.”

Henri Baskins, another of her mentors and executive vice president of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, exemplifies the power of what Bynoe-Reed calls “reaching back and encouraging other professionals. Henri really showed me that it’s important to build and promote spaces where other people can shine. Encouraging others has become an integral part of my success too.” 

Bynoe-Reed has been encouraged by so many along the way — Regina Brown, of Prisma Health, and Pam’s aunts, Gwen Bynoe and Gertrude McDonald-Solis. “They’ve been consistent, reassuring voices and great influences for me,” she says. “I can bounce ideas off of them, and they always provide me with solid personal and professional advice.”

Overall, Bynoe-Reed is grateful to be on this trajectory in her career. “My goal is to be intentional about leaning into one of my strengths: to be a strategic connector — something I do every day — and in my current role, champion public transportation by proving its value to those who don’t have a reason to ride, as well as fostering a sense of dignity for those who ride out of necessity.”