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Sound & Images, Inc.

807 Bluff Road

Columbia, SC 29201

Phone: 803.791.3925

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Adam Vance

Sound & Images, Inc. is a commercial audio/visual installation, service, and live event production company founded in 1981 by Eddie Wright and acquired by Adam and Paige Vance in 2016. As a former GM of a high-volume, special event rental company, Adam had eight years of experience partnering with S&I prior to the purchase. S&I recently moved to 807 Bluff Road, across the street from their great friends at the SC State Fair and just a couple of blocks from Williams-Brice Stadium and USC Athletics.

This new facility immediately improves efficiency in every phase of the operation. In addition to offices for all staff, the space contains multiple state-of-the-art video conference rooms available for rent. Imagine walking into an upscale, executive conference room with catering, coffee, and beverages ready for you and your team and/or clients — a room that just happens to have the best internet speeds available for hybrid meetings, cameras covering every angle, invisible ceiling mics, and multiple monitors for presentations and live feeds to virtual participants … all staffed and operated by true S&I audio/visual specialists.

Adam is a firm believer in D.I.Y., meaning “Destroy It Yourself!” Let the pros — who do what they do, all day, every day — do it for you. Contrary to the general assumption, IT and A/V are not the same thing. S&I loves both their in-house and partner IT specialists; however, most IT folks are not trained specifically in audio engineering, video-conferencing, presentation, and other A/V related skills. S&I works together with the client’s IT folks to ensure that the A/V piece is successful.

S&I is very thankful to the community for still being relevant, now in their 43rd year, and to be featured in CMM’s “Faces of Success” section. They are grateful to their partners (some dating back to the ’80s), clients, vendors, friends, colleagues, and everyone who has helped S&I continue to exist and grow. “Success” is relative. “S&I, like so many others, will feel the residual effects of COVID for many years to come,” Adam says, “and we are stronger for it as we emerge on the other side. The outlook is extremely positive.”

Please go to their website to learn more about how S&I can serve you with ultra-professional, live event production, and commercial A/V installations and service. As they always say at S&I, “Thank you for having us!”