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Pulliam Restoration

1977 LeGrand Road

Columbia, SC 29223

Phone: 803.750.5538

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Robert C. Pulliam Jr.

In 1998, Robert Pulliam identified an immediate need in the Midlands for a dependable restoration company that businesses could rely on any time to respond in minutes, not hours, to any disaster. Pulliam Restoration was founded on this principle. Fast forward 25 years, and Pulliam stands as the leading commercial large loss experts and commercial property restoration specialists catering to businesses throughout South Carolina. Beyond our home base in the Midlands, we’ve extended our expertise to disaster-stricken areas in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and as far as Michigan and Iowa.

The restoration field is ever advancing with new scientific breakthroughs. This necessitates rigorous classroom and practical training for our project managers. Pulliam Restoration holds top tier globally acknowledged standards, certifications, and credentials in inspection, cleaning, and restoration, aligned with industry and governmental benchmarks.

The Pulliam legacy in South Carolina spans nearly a century. Even today, our service ethos remains as steadfast as it was in 1929. The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports concerning data that 40 percent of businesses never reopen post-disaster. Furthermore, 25 percent shut down within a year of resuming operations, and a staggering 90 percent cease within two years of a disaster encounter. Each day, as we gear up, we’re fueled by our mission to support the Midlands, be it a noon or a 2 a.m. call. Time is of the essence and we’re ready 24/7. Our commitment is to act swiftly and provide unparalleled expertise to aid you in focusing on what’s paramount — your life and your enterprise.