Women in Business

Pout Cosmetics and Skin Studio

2738 Devine Street

Columbia, SC 29205

Phone: 803.254.5051

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Melissa Blanchard, Diana Shelton

With two decades of expertise in the beauty industry, POUT stands as a paragon of excellence, delivering unparalleled products and services to the community of Columbia. Founded in 2003 by visionary Melissa Blanchard and later joined by powerhouse Diana Shelton, POUT has evolved into the ultimate beauty destination, representing a fusion of experience and innovation.

POUT’s success lies in its relentless pursuit of quality and a forward thinking approach that consistently pushes boundaries. Under the leadership of Melissa and Diana, POUT has become a haven for those in pursuit of the finest skin care and makeup. The brand’s continuous search for hidden gems and cult favorites from global brands reflects a steadfast passion for curating some of the world’s finest, self-care luxuries and bringing them to Columbia. This commitment to offering a diverse and premium selection has solidified POUT’s reputation as the go-to destination for beauty enthusiasts.

Valuing exceptional customer service, the POUT experience begins with a warm greeting and continues with attentive team members eager to assist. From personalized shopping and beauty follow-ups to handwritten notes and custom gift wrapping, POUT’s commitment to an unparalleled guest experience sets it apart. POUT recognizes that fostering meaningful relationships with its customers goes hand in hand with education, as they believe that an informed and empowered clientele is key to building a community of confident beauty lovers. It’s through POUT that Melissa and Diana follow their goal of helping women achieve the looks they desire, while promoting individuality over imposed beauty standards. 

As POUT sets its sights on the future, the brand’s narrative is one of evolution and continued growth, driven by the founders’ dedication to staying ahead of industry trends. The brand remains a dynamic force, offering a sophisticated blend of passion, quality, and innovation. For those seeking a beauty experience beyond the ordinary, POUT stands out for its dedication to premiering undiscovered brands and cult beauty products, aligning with POUT’s belief in providing honest beauty advice in a fun and positive environment.