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Linda G. Burnside Interiors

614 Hilton Street

Columbia, SC 29205

Phone: 803.929.5322

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Linda Burnside

Crafting Personal Sanctuaries with Unmatched Expertise

Your home is more than just a space; it’s a reflection of your personality and aspirations. It’s a sanctuary, a place where you should feel most like yourself and where your personality should come through. This is the guiding principle of Linda G. Burnside Interiors, an internationally recognized and award-winning design firm.

Linda Burnside, the visionary behind the firm, is renowned not just in her native South Carolina but across global destinations. Although her journey began in Columbia, where she established LGB Interiors in 1987, it wasn’t long before Linda’s unmatched expertise began turning heads.

Perhaps this direct quote from a recent client says it best. “Linda is a transformational interior designer. She meets you where you are as far as your specific needs and offers a world-class service that simply cannot be found many places on the planet. I’ve tried and have never found one human who could offer so much beauty and brilliance with such ease. Her world view can get you just about anywhere you need to be in your interior design project. Our home is outrageously gorgeous and comfortable now, and Linda was our savior. We were truly blessed.” Mary H.

Whether starting with one room or at the ground up, Linda also loves the thrill of the hunt for the right piece, tirelessly searching for art, furnishings, and other elements that will seamlessly blend into her client’s space. For her, a design’s true value is measured by the satisfaction and joy it brings to those clients. For those seeking a haven that embodies their spirit, Linda G. Burnside Interiors offers a unique blend of creativity, expertise, and personal touch, ensuring that every space is, indeed, a true sanctuary.