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Il Giorgione

2406 Devine Street

Columbia, SC 29205

Phone: 803.521.5063

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Keven McDonald, Owner/Executive Chef

Il Giorgione is excited to announce an ownership transition to welcome in the New Year! Monica and George Kessler have retired, and longtime employee Keven McDonald and his wife, Meagan, have taken over as the proprietors of Gio’s. Keven and Meagan are thrilled to continue the legacy of fine dining and excellent customer service that have been the foundation of Il Giorgione for years.
Swing by Gio’s to enjoy our authentic Italian cuisine, featuring house-made mozzarella, fresh pasta and pizza, daily gelato specials, and a curated Italian wine list. We offer a combination of locally-sourced ingredients and Italian imports to bring Columbia’s diners a unique culinary experience. Come share a pitcher of bellinis with your friends on the best patio in Columbia, or indulge in a margherita pizza at our wine bar. In 2023, lunch hours will return, and we will offer a new Saturday and Sunday brunch!