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Ashley Harbin, Ph.D, CBIS

Dr. Ashley Harbin’s training in medical clinical psychology and early work experience prepared her for a career on inpatient and outpatient multidisciplinary medical teams caring for pediatric patients with complex injuries and illnesses. However, she realized that these jobs would not provide the work-life balance she wanted while parenting young children. What seemed like a professional detour in taking a position as Hammond School’s first psychologist and director of its academic center changed her path forever.

She was tasked with managing the students with concussions as they returned to the classroom, motivating her to seek additional training and to make new connections both locally and nationally. Ultimately, her love of clinical work with individual patients inspired her to transition yet again, but this time into private practice — a decision that has allowed her to combine all of these experiences into her successful work with patients, schools, statewide organizations, and medical teams.