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Felicia Goins, DDS; Varsha Kapoor, DMD; Brian Han, DDS, Ph.D; Shari Martin, DMD; Joshua Durrant, DMD; Lisbeth Poag, DMD

Let’s face it, not every child likes to go to the dentist. That’s where Felicia Goins, DDS;  Lisbeth Poag, DMD; Brian Han, DDS; Shari Martin, DMS; Joshua Durrant, DMD; and Varsha Kapoor, DMD, come in. This team of dentists has more than 100 years of combined dental experience, providing a full range of dental restorative and hygiene services for patients starting at birth through adolescence.

They specialize in unwrapping the fears of their young patients one at a time until they have a child well-equipped to handle whatever dentistry can throw their way. By customizing care to meet each child’s individual needs and offering a fun, kid-friendly environment, the doctors and staff are successful at establishing lasting relationships and providing pleasant dental experiences.

The team members are invaluable at Carolina Children’s Dentistry. They have a love for children and work to make each child realize their own capabilities at each visit. Carolina Children’s Dentistry understands that providing quality dentistry along with proper oral hygiene education for the patients and parents is key to ensuring optimal dental health. The ultimate goal for Carolina Children’s Dentistry is to make beautiful smiles and to help each child gain the confidence to develop their strengths and grow into the person he/she is meant to become.