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Beth Bernstein, Representative

1019 Assembly Street

Columbia, SC 29201

Phone: 803.799.7900

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Beth Bernstein, Representative

Since being elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives in 2012, gratefully representing the district in which I was born and raised, I think it is important to focus on policies helping women. Specific to the work-place setting, I have sponsored legislation enabling pregnancy accommodations at work and paid parental leave. Likewise, at Bernstein & Bernstein, a law firm founded by my father in 1943, we take this commitment to heart. We promote and support our female employees by implementing work life balance policies to ensure they can excel while also raising a family. 

To ensure women’s continued success in business and other areas of interest, we need to be effective and informed advocates. While it is harder in the legislature with so few women serving in elected office, it can be done through collective effort and focused determination. Encouraging female leadership in the areas of business, the practice of law, and even in the legislature leads to an environment where women have equal opportunities and fair treatment.