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Ashby Lawton Jones

A few years ago, a client sat across from my desk sharing painful details about her marriage when suddenly she stopped to exclaim, “There’s a cardinal outside your window!” Every time I see a cardinal, I feel like it’s a sign my dad is looking out for me.

I had to pause because for years since my mother died, I have associated this vibrant bird with her presence. For that reason, I often watched the bird feeder outside my office window. My longtime friend placed it there so that the cardinal, my cardinal, could come visit me. I later learned many people feel comforted when a cardinal appears. Maybe the comfort comes from the audacious color announcing its presence, refusing to be ignored. Maybe the comfort results from the tenacity of the bird. I once witnessed a stubborn cardinal relentlessly throwing himself into a sliding glass door, convinced he would eventually break the glass. Maybe we cardinal lovers respect the grit of the bird. As winter birds, they do not fly south — they sit in the snow without so much as a shiver. Whatever the reason, cardinals are a well-known symbol of strength, determination, hope, and renewal. And, they can fly.

When I decided to start my own law firm, I adopted the cardinal as the symbol of what I wanted my firm to offer our clients. As a family law attorney for nearly 26 years, I have learned my clients are typically struggling with deep and unsettling conflict. Some are dividing complex marital estates, often when one party is completely unaware of their financial condition. Some are navigating how to raise children with a person who will no longer be their spouse. Others are coping with the family destruction caused by addiction, mental health issues, and even domestic violence. My goal is that each of my clients senses the resolve and steadfast loyalty of the cardinal as we face challenges together.

In a short period of time, I built a strong team of fierce advocates within my firm who share my dedication and passion for family law. Our goal is to be present when we are most needed, to offer comfort, to emit strength, and ultimately to give our clients wings.