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Jonathan J. Robertson, Cheryl R. Holland, Charles B. Flowers

1998: The starting point of Abacus Planning Group was also its defining point. The vision was to create a fee-only business model that provided the freedom, flexibility, and creativity to focus solely on the needs and dreams of clients without the hindrance and limitations of outside products and services. Abacus became a genuine fiduciary pioneer (fiduciary before fiduciary was cool). It was a smart — and successful — move.

This year, Abacus marks its 25th anniversary. And there is much to celebrate.

Managed assets have grown to an impressive $1.7 billion.

The Abacus team (and they are a true team) now numbers 35 dedicated up-and-comers working in tandem with tried-and-true experts.

The company’s eye-catching, natural light-filled home office on Devine Street has been expanded by 3,000 square feet with a contemporary design that equalizes openness and privacy.

There is now a clearer, sharper emphasis on collaborating with families with shared assets.

And finally — drum roll please — Abacus is proud to announce two new co-presidents — longtime Abacus leaders Charles B. Flowers, CFA, and Jonathan J. Robertson, CFP.

Charles, chief investment officer, is an Abacus “original” — one of the first recruits to come on board. For more than two decades, his calm demeanor, fastidious research and canny ability to spot investment opportunities have built a high level of confidence with clients and provided a valuable “how-to” for colleagues. His fingerprints are all over the trajectory of Abacus managed assets reaching $1.7 billion today.

Jon, head of the financial planning team, has an enviable set of qualifications. In addition to his financial planning prowess, he holds a law degree and an LLM — a  graduate level law degree with a specialized emphasis on tax and estate law. Jon also represents Abacus on the Chairman’s Council that created the Best Practices for the Institute of the Fiduciary Standard. Jon says, “These Best Practices summarize better than anything I’ve seen the way that we want to show up in the world as financial professionals.”

Both more than qualified and energized to keep the momentum of Abacus Planning Group moving full speed ahead.