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Welvista is a nonprofit organization providing vital healthcare to low-income South Carolinians through two programs, Medication Assistance Program (MAP) and Smiles for a Lifetime. Through our services, Welvista offers hope and wellness to our patients while reducing the burden of uncompensated care on our state and taxpayers.

MEDICATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (MAP): MAP is Welvista’s full-service pharmacy providing free prescriptions to uninsured, low-income South Carolinians living with chronic illness. Welvista partners with pharmaceutical companies for brand-name drug donations and uses charitable contributions to buy generic medications. By mailing prescriptions directly to patients and providing education to improve medication adherence, we remove countless barriers to accessing lifesaving medications.

In 2022, we provided 257,153 free prescriptions to 19,154 patients. A donation of $325 will sponsor a Medication Assistance Program (MAP) patient for one year.

SMILES FOR A LIFETIME: Tooth decay remains the most common chronic disease in children, and untreated dental issues cause pain, school absence, and on-going illness —problems that can affect a child’s success well into adulthood. Since 2001, Welvista’s Smiles for a Lifetime pediatric dental program has provided quality preventative and restorative services to children in five of South Carolina’s most rural, underserved counties. Our centers operate during school hours with transportation provided, allowing equal access to all children and alleviating a parent’s need to miss work for their student’s dental appointment.

During the 2021/2022 school year, 3,458 students received free preventative and restorative dental services. A donation of $550 will sponsor a Smiles for a Lifetime student for one year.

Your donation today will be put to work right away saving lives and making smiles, with 98.7 percent of total expenses devoted to program services!