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Stephanie Vokral, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®; Jessie R. Faircloth, Director of Client Relations

Imagine a world where the divorce process is amicable, not financially confusing or unreasonably priced! The Financial Knot seeks to foster peace by offering creative solutions to the financial side of divorce. We are dedicated to providing a kinder, more family-centered approach to a settlement agreement for all involved, particularly our children. Our goal is to empower clients with a realistic plan for their futures. By being settlement facilitators, we offer options. We serve divorcing couples together as a financial neutral or individually as a financial advocate. By providing thorough analysis, realistic solutions, advice on negotiation, and a shoulder to lean on, we can turn fear and doubt into peace and confidence. Consider an approach that invites the other party to work together instead of the traditional approach, which typically creates immediate hostility.

In addition, we offer attorneys and mediators financial analysis support to help properly communicate to clients all the financial complexities of their settlement. We help our clients know how a settlement will impact their future. It is not your attorney’s job to help you understand how your divorce will impact your future.

The lion’s share of divorce is financial. Why not hire a financial advisor with experience to manage the financial part of divorce? We can help you experience a smarter, more creative divorce process. Call, connect, or visit our website today for more information!

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