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Tripp’s Fine Cleaners

12 Locations in the Midlands

Phone: 803.772.3004

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Tripp’s Fine Cleaners has been selected as the Best Dry Cleaner for 30 years in the CMM Best of Columbia contest. Since 1967 when Tripp’s Fine Cleaners first opened its doors as Penninger’s One Hour Martinizing, the company has helped the residents of the Midlands look their best. The Penninger family has owned and operated Tripp’s Fine Cleaners for three generations and remains committed to the mission statement of C.B. and Elsie Penninger when they first opened the doors 47 years ago: provide exceptional quality cleaning, finishing, and superior customer service at affordable prices.

Tripp Penninger, COO of the family business, carries on the legacy established by C. B. Penninger, his grandfather, and Chet Penninger, his father. “They taught me to understand the business of cleaning clothes and to put out the best product I can,” Tripp says. “They repeatedly said that customers are always right. When it all comes out in the wash, it’s the people who matter — trying to do the best for our customers.”

The company has more than 90 employees dedicated to providing superior quality and excellent customer service. Many of these employees have been with Tripp’s since the business opened. “Our employees take a lot of pride in their work and try to ensure that our customers get the quality they expect and deserve from a full service drycleaner,” Tripp says.

He then adds, “We all work very hard to distinguish ourselves from the other cleaners. Our employees are well trained and educated in the care of fine garments and fabrics. They do not take short cuts. The quality resulting from this approach is what keeps our customers coming back.”

That is evident in that Tripp’s Fine Cleaners is the only Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner in the Midlands and that Tripp’s has been voted by CMM readers as the “Best of Columbia” for 30 years!