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Tripp’s Fine Cleaners

12 Locations in the Midlands

Phone: 803.772.3004

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Tripp Penninger, owner

Tripp’s Fine Cleaners has been selected as the Best Dry Cleaner for 29 years in the CMM Best of Columbia contest. Tripp Penninger, owner of the family business that opened in 1967, carries on the legacy established by C. B. Penninger, his grandfather, and Chet Penninger, his father. “They taught me to understand the business of cleaning clothes and to put out the best product I can,” Tripp says. “They repeatedly said that customers are always right. When it all comes out in the wash, it’s the people who matter — trying to do the best for our customers.”
In striving to maintain excellence, Tripp sends his production managers to school strictly for understanding quality in dry cleaning and in finishing clothing as well as cleaning and preserving specialty items like bridal gowns. Living up to his customers’ expectations along with continuing his family legacy inspires Tripp to continue striving to be the best. “Every day I go to work, I’m not only making a difference for my immediate and extended family, but also for the future generations.”