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Timmerman School

2219 Atascadero Drive

Columbia, SC, SC 29206

Phone: 803.782.2748

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Elizabeth Jordan

Nestled in the heart of Forest Acres, Timmerman School has educated and nurtured thousands of children in the Midlands for nearly 70 years. It serves students 2 years old through eighth grade. “I am honored and committed to continue the vision my mother embraced when founding this school,” says Elizabeth Jordan, Head of School for Timmerman. “You have to know from whence you come in order to progress. The past needs to dictate the future. Best practices are just that — best practices. I think sometimes the pedagogy gets too mired in theory and not rational practice.”
Timmerman prides itself on an advanced placement curriculum while teaching and reinforcing the basics in a traditional environment. The teachers and staff at Timmerman are the very essence of its success. They are the heartbeat; they carry the torch. “I am a firm believer in leading by example,” Ms. Jordan says. “My teachers and I share a mutual passion for the profession. All students can succeed if given the right tools and if provided an environment conducive to learning. The culture of the school is of utmost importance. Students gain a respect for self as well as for others and are instilled with an appreciation of the American spirit.”
Two key components to educating students in today’s world are flexibility and adaptability. Timmerman went face-to-face on campus this past year with the mindset that students needed an alternative method of instruction to ease the stress of virtual learning forced by COVID. “We went pencil to paper and to hardback texts,” she continues. “We continued the remote learning alternative for students who chose to remain virtual. We had happy children, happy parents, and happy teachers.”