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Mandy Harling; Stephanie Vokral, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®; Jessie Faircloth

How will divorce impact your financial future? A reasonable question, yet most people go through this major transition without being asked. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, Stephanie Vokral, owner of The Financial Knot®, has a complete understanding of finances in divorce to answer this key question. “I know what it is like to be in my client’s shoes after going through my own divorce in 2004,” she says. “My mind was foggy. It didn’t seem fair to make life-changing decisions in such a state!”
For this purpose, Stephanie launched The Financial Knot® to bring clarity in divorce to clients in South Carolina and across the Southeastern United States. TFK discreetly assists individuals as an advocate in litigation with attorneys or couples as a financial neutral in the Collaborative Divorce process. It is not the role of an attorney or CPA to help clients understand the impact on their financial future; only TFK offers an illustration of post-divorce financials.
After divorce, The Financial Knot® provides guidance with establishing accounts or credit cards, setting up bill-payment systems, budgeting, and connecting with professionals in other areas like real estate, insurance, or banking/lending. Most of divorce is financial! Without an experienced, financial professional on your team, how will you know what you don’t know?
Investment advice offered through The Financial Knot, a registered investment advisor.