Real Estate

The Art of Real Estate

2903 Millwood Ave.

Columbia, SC 29205

Phone: (803) 760-9106

Mary Lane Sloan, Lynwood Munsey, Brad Allen

The ART of Real Estate has carefully and intentionally crafted a full-service real estate experience, designed to put the needs of the client first. Leveraging the individual strengths of agents and comprehensive staff support, their collective team approach offers clients an exclusive level of service that reaches far beyond what a single agent can provide alone.
The current fast-paced real estate market in South Carolina has proven this approach to be even more important. Buyers are seeking professional agents who are timely and strategic when it comes to offers and negotiations. Sellers are in need of intentional marketing, knowledgeable pricing, and support as they go through the transition of selling their homes. The ART of Real Estate agents and staff go above and beyond for their clients, ensuring an exceptional real estate experience for all.
The ART of Real Estate’s success is not measured merely in the number of homes sold; it’s measured in authentic connections with every client, an intense pride in bettering their communities, and creating a radical, positive shift to elevate the real estate experience.