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Smythe Rich, M.D.

“I am proud to be a native South Carolinian, and my family and I enjoy all that the Palmetto State has to offer,” says Smythe Rich, M.D. “As I look back on practicing facial plastic and reconstructive surgery over the years, my greatest joy has been seeing the satisfaction and sometimes happy tears handing a patient the mirror after surgery. Those special moments make years of training, careful patient consultations, preparing, and executing a procedure all more than worth it.”

Many of the procedures performed back in the ’90s are still essential because they do exactly what the patient wants: reduce a large nose, slim or tighten a neckline or face, or address tired, baggy eyes. Dr. Rich’s field is progressing steadily to provide more comfortable and natural enhancement to your appearance; lasers and minimally invasive procedures are now well known.

“As an early injector,” he says, “it was a real privilege to teach advanced techniques across the United States at the most prestigious offices and universities. Our most significant improvement in 20 years has been adding volume to restore or create a higher cheekbone or defined jawline.” This more sophisticated use of filler to frame the outside of the face allows less filler to be needed centrally. Overcorrection here often gives stiff, unnatural smiles and bloated faces. Today many providers have these skills.

But still, a few people’s overcorrections produce fear, giving pause to someone looking to simply fill in lip lines. “When aesthetic efforts are easily visible to others, we call that ‘expensive ugly,’” Dr. Rich explains. 

“You lose a little dignity and privacy when features are distorted. Good results produce the most attractive trait in one’s appearance … confidence.”

Dr. Rich’s staff strives to achieve a natural look that may be difficult to ascertain by your friends. They feel looking “overdone” is something far worse than looking a little tired.

“When someone has a positive cosmetic experience, you realize that ‘good work’ walks right by you every day, unnoticed,” Dr. Rich concludes. His goal is to make it look like you have never visited his office. Consultations in person, or virtual, are a great way to explore options.