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Dr. Kayla Humenansky

Dr. Humenansky is the first and only private practice female plastic surgeon in Columbia. As a mother, she can relate to the post-partum body changes and offers a relatable experience. You will feel comfortable during your consultation which is performed in a relaxed office setting. Dr. Humenansky provides her patients with an array of surgical and nonsurgical options to help restore confidence in themselves. From labiaplasty to minimally invasive tummy tuck all the way to full mommy makeover, she will be with you throughout your entire surgical journey. Minimally invasive tummy tuck has recently become popular for its limited approach. With small incisions, this cutting-edge technique raises the abdominal skin from the underlyingly muscle fascia. This allows repair of the muscle that has been stretched, allowing the stomach to look flat. This is often coupled with breast enhancement or liposuction.
With Dr. Humenansky’s innovative techniques and Dr. Rich’s experience, they make the perfect team. From facial procedures to body contouring, they can take care of your every need. Dr. Rich is the first in this area to offer the deep plane facelift. This improved technique avoids a stretched or swollen look, sometimes seen with modern facelifts. The focus has changed to lift under the muscle layer, releasing four main ligaments that tether the facial and neck skin. After release, there is tensionless repositioning of this tissue back to the cheek area. This repositioning allows for fuller cheeks without the need for frequent fillers. A deep plane facelift creates a more natural lifting throughout the face and neck. Currently less than one in five surgeons have adopted this approach. He serves on the clinical faculty of the USC department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.
Their goal is to have you feel confident with natural looking results. Consultations in person, or virtual, are a great way to explore options.