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Revente Luxury Resale

737 Saluda Avenue

Columbia, SC 29205

Phone: 803.256.3076

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Audrey Delk, Heather Burns

It is difficult to picture 5 Points without Revente Luxury Resale; Revente has been serving the community since they opened their doors in May 1992. During its 30 years, Revente has changed ownership, changing hands from Debbie McDaniel to Heather Burns. They have continued to evolve and expand their offerings, including even more luxury items.
The pandemic changed things for so many but alongside her amazing team of managers, Heather saw an opportunity to evolve and expand their customer base and keep her employees on the payroll. They ramped up online sales, rolled out a new website, adding detailed and striking images, clear descriptions, payment options, and multiple avenues to shop. Revente’s weekly Thursday Instagram & Facebook Lives are a staple for many, bringing the newest items directly to everyone across the country.
Revente’s sister store, Sid & Nancy, opened in 2007, attracting new customers to 5 Points. While the stores attract different customers, the sense of community and teamwork is prevalent in both.
The success of both Revente and Sid & Nancy is their team. Managers Audrey Delk, Megan Yelton, and Assistant Manager Callie Davis work alongside their sales associates and owner Heather Burns researching trends, verifying items, attending conferences, and, of course, enjoying dinners, drag shows, and dance parties with each other.
Revente and the team look forward to the next 30 years … and one thing is for sure, you can count on them for excellent service, beautiful goods, and those hard to find luxurious handbags.