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818 Heyward Street

Columbia, SC 29201

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Jim Evatt, John Paulling

Since 2001, Palmetto Construction & Renovations has been providing custom home renovations throughout the greater Columbia area. Despite having sufficient accounting and business knowledge, Jim Evatt never envisioned owning his own business. He began his career in finance and supply operations management until a corporate buyout forced his hand. Wanting to stay in Columbia, Jim decided to take advantage of his prior experience and his passion for home remodeling to change fundamentally the renovation experience — a goal that continues today.

Although his business experience is invaluable, Jim attributes much of the company’s success to his employees. He collaborates with them daily, concerning all project details and goals. The awards Palmetto Construction & Renovations have won are evidence of his employees’ commitment to quality and exceptional customer service.

Project Manager John Paulling says, “We pride ourselves on being able to help our clients meet their remodeling needs and to do it with a high level of craftsmanship.” Jim appreciates the continued dedication from each of his team members to remain an industry leader.