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Ketuben Patel, Rachel Bunda

Rachel Bunda, formulation operations manager/pharmacist-in-charge at Nephron, discovered her interest in pharmaceuticals as an undergraduate at Clemson University. After starting pharmacy school at the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy, she knew it was the right choice. As the formulation operations manager at Nephron Pharmaceuticals, Rachel ensures that production of products for both the core business and the 503B Outsourcing Facility are continuous, never missing a beat, and that quality is the highest priority because that is what health care professionals and patients deserve and expect.
Managing a team of 60, she has a direct role in how and when Nephron products are produced and the training of personnel. “It is incredible knowing that the drugs my team is formulating treat the people of our community and communities all over the nation,” she says. As the pharmacist-in-charge, Rachel guarantees that Nephron maintains compliance with all state pharmacy regulations. She is licensed in more than 15 states and hopes to become licensed in all 50. Rachel stays motivated knowing that Nephron products could easily be used to treat our family members and friends.
Ketuben Patel, clinical laboratory general supervisor at Nephron, began building the foundation for her career in India, where she earned her Bachelor of Biotechnology from SP University and her Master of Biochemistry from Charusat University. Once she heard about the culture and opportunity at Nephron, she knew that was where she could grow in her career. While she started as a chemist analyst, Ketuben’s previous clinical laboratory experience became an asset when the pandemic reached the United States. She is now the clinical laboratory general supervisor and has been able to help develop and expand the lab to ensure a 24-hour turnaround time for COVID-19 test results. Her contributions have not only had an impact on Nephron, but also the community, allowing more people within the Midlands to be tested and better preventing the spread of coronavirus.
Ketuben is proud to work for a female-owned business that helps give young girls and women a true vision. “Not only do I have the privilege to work for a female-owned business, but my entire chain of command is comprised of intelligent, strong, and phenomenal women,” she says. “I love that it gives representation and inspiration to all of the young girls and women in the world, including my daughter.”