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Midlands Fatherhood Coalition

1420 Colonial Life Boulevard, Suite 80

Columbia, SC 29210

Phone: 803.933.0052

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Want to live in a safe, vibrant community? Want to reduce poverty and crime? Encourage and support fatherhood involvement! Kids with involved dads are more likely to finish high school, delay pregnancy, be financially stable, and engage in healthy relationships. Isn’t that what we all want? YOU can be part of the dad difference by supporting the free programs offered by Midlands Fatherhood Coalition.
MFC works directly with fathers, offering Peer Group Sessions on parenting, healthy relationships, health and wellness, and economic mobility. MFC also offers employment services, hosts father-child activities, and works individually with fathers to help them achieve their personal goals. We strengthen families and our communities, with offices in Columbia, Lexington, and Sumter.