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March Seabrook, M.D., FACG

131 Summerplace Drive

West Columbia, SC 29169

Phone: 803.794.4585

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March Seabrook, M.D., FACG

“Two of my best friends’ fathers died of colon cancer more than 15 years ago,” says March Seabrook, M.D., FACG. As a gastroenterologist he knows this disease is generally preventable. “I watched as the families struggled with their treatment and ultimately their death. About the same time a group of gastroenterologists from around the state formed the South Carolina Gastroenterology Association. One of the goals of this organization was to be a force in developing a statewide screening program for colon cancer.”

Dr. Seabrook explains that through this organization and a series of fortunate connections with the right people at the University of South Carolina and BlueCross BlueShield, South Carolina has been recognized as a leader in the country for innovation and collaboration in the fight against colorectal cancer. There is a nationwide initiative known as “80 by 18” where numerous physicians and organizations are working to screen 80 percent of the people between the ages of 50 and 75. Dr. Seabrook says he is proud that Consultants in Gastroenterology has led the way across the state in this effort as well as providing screening colonoscopies at no cost to hundreds of individuals identified through the Free Medical Clinic. “Colon cancer prevention is my professional passion,” he says. “It is a privilege to be a physician and have the opportunity to try to improve the health of the citizens of our state.”