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Lourie Life & Health

3710 Landmark Drive, Suite 206

Columbia, SC 29204

Phone: 803.256.2067

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Front Row: Halle Dickerson, Sarah Corbett, Joel Lourie, Chris Johnson, Jennifer Counts. Middle Row: Holley Van Horn, Patrick Stephenson, Emily Williamson, Megan Carlton, Madison Jordan, Whitney Salley, Jeff Johnson Back Row: Kevin Felder, Emily Thomas, David Goldberg, LaPorshe Ross, Anderson Bass, Stephen Trello

It’s More than a Business — It’s About Community
Joel Lourie has always believed in giving back to his community. Serving in the South Carolina House and Senate, he concentrated on issues that had a meaningful impact on the lives of all South Carolinians — such as health care, education, public safety, and a focus on protecting our state’s children and aging population. With Lourie Life & Health, he’s continuing this mission.
Founded in 2011, Lourie Life & Health has become the go-to agency for all things Medicare and health insurance. With a team of more than 20 professionals, the company has earned a reputation for going the extra mile for their clients. This marks the fourth year in a row Lourie Life & Health has been chosen Best Insurance Agency by readers of Columbia Metropolitan Magazine.
The mission at Lourie Life & Health is to educate consumers on the options available and to help them make a decision that meets their needs and budget. They represent all the major companies offering Medicare, health, and life insurance.
Lourie Life & Health is here to be both an advocate and a resource for people of all ages. Their clients appreciate working with a local agency that will always be there to answer questions, now and in the future. They can assist in-person or over the phone and their service is at no cost.
Getting back to his roots, Joel and the rest of Team Lourie are involved in numerous community and non-profit organizations, doing their share to make the Midlands a better place for all.