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Jonathon Rush

Reflecting on a moment from his youth, Jonathon Rush remembers waiting on his mother while listening to his radio (actual radio in photo), probably WCOS/WNOK, outside of the iconic Tapp’s building on Main Street:
One Sunday, while talking with friends in the youth group, I commented, “I would like to visit a radio station. I can’t imagine what equipment is used.” Mrs. Betty Wheeler overheard the conversation and stopped to tell me that her family owned WBLR and would be glad to give me a tour.
During the station visit, I was given an opportunity to record my voice as a keepsake. After recording I was offered a job! The next night I was live on the air.
Thank you to the Morning Rush Irregulars who listen and have listened for years. I’m thankful the Lord stopped Mrs. Wheeler and opened the door for me to live and work in South Carolina.