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Jill Smith and Associates Counseling

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Columbia, SC 29201

Phone: 803.815.1129

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Jill Smith

The vision behind Jill Smith + Associates Counseling was a supportive “family” of top-notch psychotherapists who share and grow together, working alongside each other each day.
Sitting with her 17-year-old client today, Jill says the conversation was made so much richer because, over the years, she has worked with the client’s entire family — her brother and her parents.
“So many dear faces walk in our door every day,” Jill says. “Our clients come referred from doctors, schools, past clients and from their own family members.”
Is this the result of trust? Familiarity? Or is it the results that psychotherapy (aka talk therapy) yield? The time investment and financial investment in therapy makes a tremendous difference in one’s understanding of reactions, meanings, and feelings. Understanding is the beginning of change.
Family-style therapy, at JSA. Come talk with them.