Best of Columbia Profiles

Hay Hill Services

200 Hay Hill Farm Lane

St. Matthews, SC 29135

Phone: 803.834.6652

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Front row: Caroline Castles, Hunter Coates, Bennett Payne, Blake Gantt, David Stack, Fred Gantt, Lee Gantt. Back row: Dean Keenan, Keller Kissam, Ray Castles, Kevin Shaw, Jake Huffman

Started in 1992 by Fred Gantt, Hay Hill Services is now celebrating 31 years as a family business with more than 50 employees. Working alongside David Stack, landscape architect and vice president of Hay Hill, Fred is quick to explain that the main reason they have won in CMM’s Best of Columbia contest for 14 years is because of their outstanding team. “We have an extremely creative group,” Fred says, “as everyone brings something different to the table.”
While Hay Hill offers landscape design-build installation and routine maintenance services, their loyal customers readily explain that it is not your average yard service or landscaping company and often call for another project years later, possibly for outdoor living solutions, hardscape installations, and even metalworks!
Fred explains that Hay Hill got started when he mowed grass after work at McWaters. “We still mow some of those commercial sites,” he says. “I started mowing grass after work, and one thing led to another. Once I cut their grass, then they want irrigation, which I knew nothing about. So I had to learn! Then they wanted more plants. Soon enough, my old bag phone was ringing off the hook, and I needed full-time help, and then additional crews. Now, look where we are!”
The latest trend Hay Hill offers is artificial turf. “Everyone wants a perfect yard but maintaining a perfect yard takes a lot of time, money, and effort,” Fred says. “It’s also perfect for your own putting green.”
Hay Hill offers quality work in all the services they provide while maintaining a small town, small business, and locally owned feel. “We’re for dreamers,” Fred says. “If you can dream it, we can do it. And if you can’t dream, we have people for that too!”