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Hammond School

854 Galway Lane

Columbia, SC 29209

Phone: 803.776.0295

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Andy North, Head of School

Andy North, in his fourth year as head of school at Hammond, embodies a fresh perspective and a revitalized dedication to Hammond’s mission and vision. The impact of his tenure is already being felt across campus with expanded programs and facilities. The 10th leader in this role, he champions the importance of relationships and the power of curiosity, placing them at the core of his headship philosophy.

A native of Florence, South Carolina, shaped by his experiences in independent schools, Andy is an alumnus of Sewanee, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in English. He received a master’s degree in education administration and supervision from the University of Virginia. His formative years at Baylor School instilled in him an appreciation for the enduring influence of teachers, coaches, and mentors on students. Reflecting on his time there, Andy says, “The impact was profound and guided my decision to pursue a career in educating young minds.”

On any given day, you can often hear Andy walking the halls before you even see him. Whether greeting students and faculty along the way, talking about the most recent game, or humming a song from a wide range of genres, his approachability has endeared him to students and staff alike. While his amiable demeanor is hard to miss, so is his fiercely competitive nature. Whether that spirit of competition shows itself in the classroom, on the playing fields, or stage, Andy believes it’s possible to do all three well.

According to Andy, “We want our students to be curious and to take chances. We want them to feel comfortable in the classroom taking risks, trying new things. That’s growth. How are they competing with themselves to get better? To improve as a student, as an athlete, as an artist … as a person. The longer they live it on a daily basis, and the longer they see other students living it on a daily basis, knowing our teachers expect it, the easier it becomes to be what is woven into the fabric of Hammond.”

Andy and Becca, his wife, are the proud parents of two Skyhawks, Dansby ’28 and Miller ’32.