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Green’s Beverages

400 Assembly Street

Columbia, SC 29201

Phone: 803.799.9499

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Justin Daniels, Lock Reddic

For Green’s Beverages, “family owned” has been the mindset for 86 years. Lock Reddic (3rd generation) and his son-in-law, Justin Daniels (4th generation), oversee the seven-location operation that is headquartered in Columbia. Anyone who has ever worked in the retail landscape knows that there are daily challenges that require critical thinkers and reliable employees, two things that Justin feels are accurate descriptors of their team.

With dozens of long-tenured employees within their Columbia stores, Justin associates their ability to retain talent to the culture that the family has implemented throughout the years. “By taking the time to cultivate a relationship with each employee, you learn of their strengths and needs. While the puzzle may never be complete, finding the right fit for each piece requires you to learn about the individual person and his/her attributes.” While all 160 employees throughout the chain aren’t technically family, many of the faces in the stores might tell you otherwise!