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Back row: Kesha, Lisa, Cappy, Louisa, Martha, Rhonda. Front row: Mary, Ima, Dina, Sophia

Martha and Ima met in the music department at Columbia College in 1990 and instantly became friends. Since Ima had just arrived from Greece and did not yet drive, Martha drove her to various Southern places. Martha’s generosity impressed Ima, who never forgot these acts of kindness.
In 2000, Dina and Ima met at Covenant Classical Christian School, where Dina taught art and Ima taught music, and they also taught each other’s children. Dina is artistic, kind, helpful, and loyal.
Kesha was a darling teenager back in 2001 when she met Ima, and Ima watched her grow all the way to motherhood as a mom of three daughters. Kesha’s positive energy brings joy to everyone around her.
Mary interviewed Ima in 2009 in the Graduate School of Columbia College. Ima was impressed with Mary’s articulate words, classy style, and warm confidence. Mary has brought her strong presence to Gibson’s.
Lisa, Louisa, Cappy, and Sophia were shopping when Ima offered each of them a job on the spot. All four have “Gibson-like” qualities, although in very different styles. Lisa and Louisa commute from Sumter twice a week to work at Gibson’s.
Rhonda brought with her an art degree and experience as a floral arranger. Her eye for details is unmatched, accompanied by humility and wit.
Emma, Margaret, Daisy, and Mianna are young girls who have been with Gibson’s since they were in high school. Emma and Margaret will soon graduate from college, but their footprints will remain in the hearts of everyone at Gibson’s.
As a group, the Gibson girls daily aim to be authentic, positive, loving, and strong. 
By “authentic” they mean not to copy others, and to use the talents God has given them (1 Timothy 4). 
By “positive” they mean not to talk negatively about their weight, age, hair, etc. because they are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139).
By “loving” they mean to lift each other up as they “love one another” (John 13).
By “strong” they mean to cultivate a gentle and quiet spirit in challenging times, without complaining (Philippians 2).

“Here’s to strong women — may we know them; may we raise them; may we be them.” — Ada Lovelace