DOKO Animal Hospital

120 Blythewood Road

Blythewood, SC 29016

Phone: 803.786.2412

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Cara McKinnon, DVM; Brian Gallery, DVM; Sally Iseman, DVM; Kristen Rivas, DVM

You may notice our new sign on Blythewood Road that features our brand-new name and logo! After 30 years as Companion Animal Clinic, we are happy to announce that we are now DOKO Animal Hospital. Since Brian Gallery purchased the practice in 2017, it has grown from a one-doctor clinic with six employees to a four-doctor hospital with 20 employees. The new name and new logo represent a more modern look that embodies how our practice has grown from a small veterinary clinic to a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital. Don’t worry, we are still family owned and have the same great staff as before.

Why DOKO? Blythewood was founded in 1852 and was originally called Doko (pronounced Doe-koh). It was a stop along the Charlotte and South Carolina railroad. No one is sure why it was called Doko, but it is likely African or Native American in origin. We chose the name due to its strong historical connection to the area, and how it represents our strong ties to the local community.

Dr. Gallery and staff have loved getting to know all the pet parents in Blythewood and the surrounding area over the past seven years. We look forward to providing you with the best veterinary, grooming, and boarding services available in the years to come. We love visitors so if you would like, come see the hospital and meet our vets! Dr. G and staff are always happy to talk about your pets.