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Daybreak Life Care Center

1601 Saint Julian Place

Columbia, SC 29204

Phone: 803.771.6634

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Daybreak’s Baby Boutique has a full array of products to meet the needs of newborns and mothers, all provided at absolutely no cost.

Since 1983, Daybreak Life Care Center has been providing medical services and options counseling to women and men of the Midlands facing unplanned pregnancies or specific sexual health needs. All our services are free. Our motivation is a passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we hold that all human beings are created in the image of God and are therefore entitled to the dignity and respect that come with that status. We are unapologetic advocates for the lives of all unborn children, and all clients who come our way are treated with the utmost care and attention. In addition to our medical and counseling services (which include counseling for those suffering from the trauma of abortion), we also provide free parenting classes and an in-house “boutique” where clients can secure necessities for the safe and healthy care of their infant.