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Beth Frost

Beth Frost is a vital part in the success at Cohn Corporation, but she feels it is the support of their hardworking, vibrant team that makes that success possible. In Beth’s role as director of business development, her main focus is producing construction projects and helping their clients build beautiful and efficient space for their businesses. In addition to the focus on clients, the attention to Cohn Corporation’s culture and brand is always top of mind for Beth.

Beth has used her network that has grown for more than 18 years to influence and build Cohn Corporation’s brand in the community. Her leadership on several boards and nonprofit organizations continues to strengthen her network and community awareness of Cohn Corporation’s capabilities, which organically produces construction opportunities for the company. More construction opportunities positively improve their brand, and Beth always reminds her team that everyone from the office to the field has a place in the sales process and is a huge part of the growth and image of Cohn Corporation.