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Christopher Andrews, DMD

6100 Garners Ferry Road

Columbia, SC 29209

Phone: 803.783.4275

Christopher L. Andrews, DMD

This past Easter, I reflected on commemorating 40 years of practicing dentistry in East Columbia less than a mile from where I grew up. The ancient Proverb that says, “Man chooses his path, but God directs his footsteps” has never been more true.

Twenty three years ago I decided to read the Bible through every year, not letting one word slip to the ground. It is the greatest love story ever told. Man is in constant rebellion against the creator, God, who constantly pursues him with love, forgiveness, and a promise that is above human understanding.

God’s promise is for all people. Our practice is for all people. God’s faithfulness and mission never waivers. Neither does ours. His promise is for all who seek Him. Our practice is for those who seek us.

Our God wants a personal relationship with us. Our practice is built on relationships with our patients. We kneel every day at the Cross, fixing our eyes on Jesus. Our abilities to help people come from God’s strength and the power of the resurrection. We realize that the Son is in the Father and that we are in the Son and that the Son is in us. And the Son is the radiance of God’s glory.

Our practice mission is the Easter Story. All our eggs are in one basket. There is no plan B.