Top Dentists

Christopher Andrews, DMD

6100 Garners Ferry Road

Columbia, SC 29209

Phone: (803) 783-4275

Christopher Andrews, DMD, is thankful to once again receive the honor of Top Dentist from his peers. Practicing dentistry in the same place for 35 years is humbling, shares Dr. Andrews. “Each day I go to the office I feel like Moses, Samuel, and Isaiah. The Lord says, ‘Who will honor my name and whom shall I send?’ I say, ‘Here I am. Your servant is listening; send me!’”

Dr. Andrews considers it a privilege to make his practice a dwelling place for the Lord. He believes that Perry Bowers says it best: “Every day we rise and work on God’s promise, power, provision and protection.”

Dr. Andrews says that the success of every case, no matter how simple or complex, is due to God’s outstretched arm touching and guiding every step of the way. His goal is to be given the eyes of Jesus to truly see patients and understand their problems. “Jesus came to this earth to tell the truth and reflect God’s glory,” he says. “He talked of better things because He had seen better things. He knew outcomes that those around him could not see. He sees people where they are and teaches them where they need to be. Through these eyes we are shown the way to save and resurrect teeth and chewing systems.”

Dr. Andrews adds, “One day it will be glorious to stand beside Moses and Joshua and say, ‘I too am standing on Holy ground.’ God Bless!”