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Christopher L. Andrews, DMD, PA

“In my 37 years of practice, nothing has affected dentistry like the COVID pandemic of 2020,” says Christopher L. Andrews, DMD, PA. “In 1987 REM released their album ‘It’s the End of the World as We Know it (And I Feel Fine).’ After closing for two months, it felt like the end of dentistry as we know it, and no one felt fine.”

As a freshman at The Citadel in 1975, hazing and starvation were part of the fourth class system. Dr. Andrews shares that he had a classmate named Larry Nicholson who played football and ate at the training table. “Every evening he would stuff biscuits in his jacket and smuggle them into the barracks for us to eat,” he says. One evening he got caught, and they all had to watch him being punished for taking care of them. “Larry was fearless!” Dr. Andrews says. “He kept bringing in biscuits and kept getting punished. He saved us that year!”

This past fall at his 40th reunion, he ran into Larry. “I just had to ask him, ‘What do you have to do to become a three star general in the Marine Corps like yourself?’” Dr. Andrews says. “The answer he said is simple: ‘You have to take care of your people.’”

“While this may be the end of dentistry as we knew it,” he continues, “our Lord is not surprised by times like these. We must continue to follow His command, ‘Take care of My sheep.’  In tough times God calls us to be ‘hope biscuits’ for our staff, patients, and loved ones — and fearlessly care for others!”