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Christopher Andrews, DMD

6100 Garners Ferry Road

Columbia, SC 29209

Phone: 803.783.4275

Christopher L. Andrews, DMD, PA

Christopher L. Andrews, DMD, PA, has been serving patients in his East Columbia office for 39 years. “Each year the Lord allows me humility, mercies, and compassion. He provides a theme that is the fuel needed to shepherd His flock,” says Dr. Andrews. “That fuel is the Word of God that became flesh. Its truth is sufficient in power and strength — and reveals His glory in all we do. His theme this past year reflects on our business as a ‘Gate of Gathering.’
“My staff has been good servants standing at the gate with a gentle voice. The prophet Isaiah says, ‘The Lord God has spoken and given us his words of wisdom, so that we may know what to say to the weary ones.’ Together, we have seen a ‘gathering’ for the Lord and our prayer is one of peace, comfort, and love for the families of these very special people I have had the privilege to care for.”