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Chapin Dental Associates

425A Lexington Ave.

Chapin, SC 29036

Phone: 803.945.7471

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Britt Holstein, DMD; Damon Hughes, DDS; Gregg Jowers, DMD

Chapin Dental Associates, which has served the Chapin area for more than 50 years, is honored to be recognized once again on the 2022 Top Dentist list. Britt Holstein, DMD; Gregg Jowers, Jr., DMD; and Damon Hughes, DDS, continue the long tradition of caring for their patients by utilizing the latest technology in a comfortable, gentle, and pressure-free environment. The addition of periodontist Mike Davis, DDS, who provides a full range of gum therapies, further expands the broad array of services Chapin Dental offers under one roof, reducing the hassle of being referred to multiple offices. The Chapin Dental Team is immensely proud of their long-standing service to the Chapin community and will continue to serve their patients top quality care with small town charm.