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Carol French, DMD

1 Thames Alley

Irmo, SC 29063

Phone: (803) 781-2511

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Carol French, DMD, and her staff recently met a new family. Debra shared, “My husband and I had just moved to Irmo.Scotty joined the soccer team, and John and I became friends with all of the parents. Tracy, our 5-year-old, woke up with a toothache, so I called Rachel to ask where she took Acelynn. She recommended Dr. Carol French. I called that day, and she was able to see Tracy. As a rule, Tracy is generally scared of any and all doctors. You name it, she’s had it! I was so excited to see the immediate connection that Tracy felt with Dr. French and her staff. In just a few minutes it seemed like they were long lost friends. Turns out Tracy just had a loose tooth, and it was a great experience for all of us. I especially liked how the staff addressed Tracy’s anxieties, and mine. No other dentist ever taught me how to grow a cavity free child. Imagine that — trying to put yourself out of business! Go figure, right! I asked Dr. French what the best part of being a pediatric dentist was and she told me, ‘“The children by far; and, of course we love our parents too because they honor us with their trust.’”

Dr. French keeps her pledge to all families, to provide that caring touch that you can trust. She strives to provide a dental home where dental experiences are positive from day one.
Your smile is your style, and with proper dental care your child’s smile can look great. Carol French, Board Certified Pediatric Dentist and Diplomate- American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, offers comprehensive dental care for infants, children, and teens.