Women in Business

Camp Cole

1571 Crossing Creek Road

Eastover, SC 29044

Phone: 803.849.8697

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Standing: Lauren Von Ins, Jessica Pruitt, Sydney Spears, Britt Hinks. Seated: Cassidy Green, Kelsey Carter, Margaret Deans Grantz, Camp Dog Stormie, Heyward Clayton Not pictured: Lisa McCaffrey

Camp Cole, a camp and retreat center for children and adults with disabilities, illnesses, and life challenges, was founded by two women, Kelsey Carter and Margaret Deans Grantz, in 2018. Located in Eastover, Camp Cole is proud to be women-founded and led by a group of women who value the importance of creating a place where all people can shine.

Opening our doors in 2021, Kelsey and Margaret Deans were told “no” countless times during the planning phases for Camp Cole. It seemed hard for some people in the community to fathom that two 30-year-old women could raise over $10 million in Columbia. Fortunately, “no” became the driving factor, and these two women not only completed their task but are currently overseeing Camp Cole’s second phase of construction with the addition of the Southeastern Freight Lines Activity Center. Today, Camp Cole has served over 3,000 individuals.