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Berger Dental Group

5251 Forest Drive

Columbia, SC 29206

Phone: 803.787.9793

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Deidre Berger Crockett, DMD; Robert Berger, DDS; Molly Pincelli, DMD

Berger Dental Group began its 53rd year of practice at 5251 Forest Drive on May 5, 2021. It has evolved into a full-service practice with most dental procedures performed under one roof. The doctors consult each other while the patient is present; this saves time, the patient’s money, and ensures excellent communication among the doctors. Berger Dental Group has the modern technology that allows the best in diagnosis and treatment.
Berger Dental Group provides both IV and oral sedation for patients, which is unique for the broad range of services they can provide. Both Deidre Berger Crockett, DMD, and Robert Berger, DDS, are honored again as Top Dentists. Dr. Crockett is a very accomplished practitioner with 15 years of private practice experience. She is a unique individual whose patients truly adore her dental work and caring attitude. She is active in organized dentistry and chair of SCDA annual convention and an ADA Delegate. 
Molly Pincelli, DMD, is in her third year of practice with the group now. She is well versed in all dental procedures and had an excellent residency at Prisma Richland prior to joining Berger Dental Group. She is a graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina.
Dr. Berger is adept at almost any dental procedure, including implant placement and restoration, all sorts of restorative treatment, TMJ therapy, and many simple and complex oral surgery procedures.