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Anchor Investment Management, LLC

3205 Devine Street

Columbia, SC 29205

Phone: (803) 399-9383

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A power and cell service outage during a storm at family beach week causes a wave of angst! Following the initial panic, folks collect themselves and calm is restored as they carry on about their business. This experience is likely not foreign to anyone reading this article as continuous contact and sustained noise are the new normal. How do folks sort through the clamor and remain focused on anything, including prudent long-term investing? The key lies in developing a plan, a road map, to help stay the course, especially through seasons of market volatility, low interest rates, ever increasing insurance costs, global unrest, and political uncertainty.
Since Anchor’s founding in 2000, the firm has been assisting affluent individuals, families, and corporations in Columbia and throughout the Southeast in charting a course to meet their present and future financial needs and goals. Anchor’s mission is to aid clients in the building and preservation of wealth by providing a level of financial expertise and unparalleled quality of service that has made the firm a valued partner across multiple generations of families. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, Anchor embraces the fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of clients at all times. The firm is privately owned by tenured, dedicated employees and offers a compelling value in the marketplace.
Anchor’s merger with Watkins Financial Group in 2017 continued the evolution of the firm by broadening the array of services offered and growing its team of professionals. Whether engaged strictly in investment management or fully in retirement and financial planning, all of the employees at Anchor relish the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with the firm’s valued clients.
By understanding the needs of each client, the professionals at Anchor are able to tailor an asset allocation suited to the risk tolerance of each account and to provide consummate individual attention. This personalized approach delivers comfort to clients while allowing flexibility to leverage skill and insight into each investment decision. With respected industry credentials and many years of experience, Anchor stands ready to serve as your partner in preparing for your financial future.

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