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Kelsey Brown, Kelly Rye, Christian Smith, Michael Sumter, Emily Hartwell, Michael Duganier

All In Hospitality is a Columbia-based restaurant group owned by Michael Duganier. Its restaurants include Publico in Five Points, Publico at BullStreet, and Boku Kitchen + Saloon in the Vista. According to Michael, the foundation to building a great company is creating a healthy culture! 

Pictured above are five leaders who run and operate the restaurants. Each person started within the company, working their way up through internal promotions. Hiring from within has created a culture of loyalty, fun, and friendship. Kelly Rye is the “momma bear” of the company as acting general manager of Boku and director of operations for All In Hospitality. Kelly started at Publico Five Points in spring of 2019 as AGM, earning the general manager position before overseeing all operations for the entire company. Mike Sumter started at Publico Five Points eight years ago as prep cook and the company’s first employee. Mike worked his way up from an hourly employee to sous chef to executive chef. He then opened up Publico BullStreet as the executive chef. Emily Hartwell, general manager at Publico BullStreet, started as a service manager, and she has worked at all three restaurant locations. Kelsey Brown, general manager of Publico Five Points, started as the bar manager, and Christian Smith, executive chef at Publico Five Points, began as a line cook in 2018. Both worked their way up, now leading the team at the company’s busiest restaurant location.

When starting the company in 2015, Michael Duganier and Robert McCarthy, his friend and business partner who passed away in 2021, chose the name “All In” Hospitality because both men were fully committed. The company mission statement “always do the right thing” is taught to each employee, and this ethos is the heart and soul of how All in Hospitality treats their guests. Michael is grateful to work in an industry where hospitality is at the heart of his business model, and he finds great joy and reward in teaching others about this gift … especially when his team stays with him for the long haul and enjoys the process as much as he does!

Growing a company in the restaurant industry post 2020 presented challenges; however, the team at All In Hospitality used these challenges as opportunities for growth. The company has plans for expansion with the Publico brand as well as new, exciting concepts that Michael hopes to introduce to Columbia soon!