Pulaski Square

Sitting down with Latasha Taste, community manager

(855) 423-3836



What is the latest trend in your business?

Second-year college students, graduates and young professionals ready to experience luxury style and private living spaces are the majority of our residents.


What are your goals for this year?

As a new community, our goal is to build relationships with high performing companies who offer desirable employment to the young professionals of Columbia, understand the growing needs of the future generation and working class and create unique living spaces for residents.


How has the Columbia community benefitted from your business?

Columbia has created a place for college graduates and future young professionals to grow, love and live in Columbia. We are fortunate to be a part of the process to keep the next generation here in the Capital City.


What differentiates your business from other specialists in the field?

Pulaski Square is the only three-bedroom, three-bathroom community in Columbia. We look forward to future development in our community to reflect the growth of population in Columbia and answer the needs of the market.

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