Plump, Lift, Brighten

Enhancing your natural beauty

By Sheilah Dixon

The day I read this quote, it was an epiphany … no longer did I feel conditioned to judge beauty through the “eyes of aging,” but through the “eyes of time.” Time has a lovely way of revealing the true, ageless beauty in every woman. 


No Age Limit Allowed

Women today are feeling younger and looking younger. Women want to look their best, at every age … and they can. Beauty is ageless! Women should embrace their individual beauty and enhance what makes each unique and not concern themselves with following the societal norm. You are beautiful — do not forget that. Do not waste one more day allowing your definition of beauty to be based on your past. By choosing to live in the present, you open yourself to the paradigm of ageless beauty.  

With each new season, we are inundated with new makeup trends. Trends belong in the realm of clothing and hairstyles, and not makeup. So this season, try ditching trends in favor of what actually works. 


The Balancing Act

The following application and beauty tips revolve around balance. Balance is having the right amount — not too much or too little of anything — and this leads to harmony. Balance requires setting boundaries. So, as you apply your makeup, concentrate on the middle third of your face — eyebrows to base of nose. These boundaries will be especially helpful with your foundation and blush. If you keep the blush from dropping below the nose line, you won’t risk adding weight to your face.

Less is Best

Applying too much makeup can overload your face — this can make you look puffy, tired and aged. With the foundation applied mainly in the middle third of your face, you stay clear of the “mask” look. Also, less is usually best. 

Now that you understand the “working area” as being the middle third of the face, you are probably wondering where to begin. Believe it or not, when it comes to your makeup, the order of your application is just as important as the products you use. 

First apply lips, then blush, concealer, brows, eyes, foundation, translucent powder and, lastly, mascara — all in this order. These steps will likely seem a little strange to you at first, but stay with it. You’ll definitely see the benefits once you learn to balance. 


Beauty Game Changers 

1. Beautiful skin requires commitment. Cleanse – Tone – Moisturize.

2. Drink water to make skin look firmer and more plump. Drinking water ensures that nutrients are delivered to cells keeping them hydrated and making your skin look younger. 

3. Use better tools. Use a good set of makeup brushes and sponges, not your fingers. Just by improving the quality of your brushes, your application will look noticeably better. 


Plump, Lift, Brighten

Plump the lips with neutral to medium shades. As women get older, the lips begin to flatten and thin out. Since dark minimizes, it’s really best to stay away from dark lip colors when you can. Neutral to medium lip shades will keep the lips looking plump; however, dark lip color can be worn nicely, if you add this step: apply a lighter shade of lipstick (just a little) in the middle of your lips.

Easy eyelift occurs when you wiggle the mascara wand through the lashes and sweep out toward the temple, not toward your nose. Aiming your wand at the nose will rob you of the lift. Apply a second coat to the outer half of the lashes.

Brighten by defining the upper lash line with an eyeliner pencil. Then set by following the line with a rich-colored eye shadow using small strokes aiming for the temple. Apply the same shadow on the lower lash line. Using eye shadow on the lower lash line softens the eye and won’t spotlight dark under-eye circles. 

There are so many facets to a woman’s beauty, but the best beauty advice is for you to take time for yourself every day. Allow yourself to grow mentally, emotionally and physically. But, most importantly, allow yourself to grow spiritually. 

“True Beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.” — Audrey Hepburn


Sheilah Dixon is the director/owner of the Millie Lewis Columbia Agency. Working in the fashion industry for 35 years, she is internationally recognized as one of the top “mother agents” for developing, placing and managing models on a professional level. However, her greatest joy comes from seeing the smile on a young person’s face as they build confidence and discover their potential.

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