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Jeff Amberg

Happy 25th Anniversary! What’s not to love? The whole March issue is great! My mom and I are so enjoying your magazine! It’s funny … just this morning I saw Columbia Metropolitan at three different places!

Salley Rickenbacker


Another great Columbia Metropolitan arrived in the mail today. I always have to stop immediately and read our magazine as soon as it comes! Your 25 “Southernisms” made me smile, and I’m still in shock thinking about Emily on a hog hunt. Another favorite this month was the story on “my” bankers. Because of Junior Achievement and the SC Business Hall of Fame, I’ve enjoyed a special friendship with Jim Smith, Joel Smith and Bob Royal. As you know, Jim Smith was the longest serving chairman of the Business Hall of Fame, and both Joel and Bob were laureates. They all served on JA board. Three super role models.

Dianne Chinnes


I am beyond grateful for the March edition of Columbia Metropolitan. I was in tears when I saw my clothing beautifully displayed on the cover! You did an amazing job, and I truly feel honored. Thank you!

Amanda Mott

Scout & Molly’s


The Wavering Place feature was absolutely fantastic! So well written, beautifully photographed, and the layout was perfect! Thank you to everyone who contributed and brought Wavering Place into a new era. Your team nailed it, so on behalf of the Adams Family, I thank you for featuring us and hope that you all will come visit us often.

Lisa Boykin Adams

Wavering Place Plantation

P.S. The issue overall is the most beautiful one I’ve seen. I just love the redesign! Very sophisticated!


I really enjoyed the articles in the March issue. Particularly, I found the wild hog hunting article and Elizabeth Wyman Crew’s oyster shell creations very enjoyable, and the other articles were unique!

Robert Hemphill 


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