What is Regenerative Medicine?

“I want to look like I did 10, 15 or 20 years ago!” This is a statement that is heard often at Hutchinson Center for Aesthetic Medicine. Over the years collagen in the body can break down and dreaded wrinkles may appear. It is collagen that keeps the skin nice and supple and wrinkle free. But what options are there for replacing this lost collagen? Can it be regenerated?

Hutchinson Center for Aesthetic Medicine is proud to be the only facility in Columbia offering a technique of wrinkle reduction using the body’s own fat and stem cells. This method of Regenerative Medicine allows fat to be taken from one area of the body and replaced in another area that may need “plumping.” Stem cells are harvested from removed fat and injected into the area of need, encouraging the body to produce its own collagen.

For those experiencing wrinkles in the face and/or neck, this method is a perfect way to erase signs of aging. There is little to no down time, and the effect is immediate.

For more information on Regenerative Medicine, contact Hutchinson Center for Aesthetic Medicine for a free consultation at (803) 730-1265.

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