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Fast-Teks Pro Business Solutions Columbia Area Director Boyd D. Gilpin advises South Carolina’s small businesses to focus on whatever they do best — and leave the IT worries to him. In the tough economic times, both small and mid-sized businesses need to remain tightly focused on what they do as a business. Keeping up with technology and maintaining in-house IT personnel can be difficult on a limited budget, and outsourcing these needs often makes good business sense. 

“If IT isn’t part of a business’s core operation, then it represents a distraction,” says Boyd. 

Mr. Gilpin is a U.S. Army veteran and is no stranger to the IT field. His Fast-Teks Pro Business Solutions is located in Columbia, and serves both Richland and Lexington Counties.

As the Area Director of an established Fast-Teks Pro location, Boyd is enthusiastic that the advantages of affordable, rentable IT services are available to small and mid-size businesses. “We offer the same benefits as a full-time IT staff, at a fraction of the cost,” he says. Purchasing expert-level IT services on an as-needed basis allows businesses to stay focused on what they do best, while knowing that their IT needs are also being met at a professional level. 

A respected franchise both locally and nationwide, Fast-Teks Pro Business Solutions also provides on-site service to individuals, allowing people to rent the level of expertise required without wasting energy on IT problems that they may not have the training, experience, or time to handle themselves. As with its business clients, Fast-Teks Pro serves its customers best by making sure technology enhances their lives rather than adding needless complications. Last year they earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2013. 

Among other services, businesses often employ Fast-Teks Pro to provide server support, data recovery, mobile web design, cloud based networking, and remote data backup. Small businesses and private citizens alike also find Fast-Teks Pro invaluable to troubleshoot computer problems, to provide antivirus and security solutions, and to set up wireless networks. Both types of customers benefit from Fast-Teks Pro’s software training and many other services. 

Boyd is a native South Carolinian and operates his franchise location with his family. For many small to mid-sized companies, he says, “Fast-teks should become part of their business model.” 

For more information about services and specials provided by the Columbia Fast-Teks Pro location, including reasonable pricing for all clients, please visit “We are local!” stresses Boyd, “Yet we’re also nationwide. We have a working relationship with surrounding Fast-Teks Pro owners and technicians — so no job is too large or too small.”

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