Donen Davis Plastic Surgery, LLC

Sitting down with Dr. Donen Davis

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What differentiates your business from other specialists in the field? 

My experience, artistry and extraordinary attention to detail set me apart. My focus is on the individual patient and helping them achieve beautiful and natural results. Plastic surgery is creative and requires artistic talents in addition to scientific knowledge and familiarity with anatomy.


What do you like best about your line of work?

I treasure the relationships I build with each of my patients. Sharing excitement in attaining their cosmetic surgery goals and helping them continue to look and feel better as they age is part of the fun. My patients inspire me each day, and the long lasting relationships I have developed with them are very important to me.


What is something people would be surprised to learn about you or your business?

My background is in the practice of law, having received my Juris Doctor in 1987 before attending medical school in 1991. My experience in law has been key in communicating with patients, helping them manage their expectations and working together to deliver optimal results.  I have a love of learning and actively participate in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, continuously researching new techniques and medicine.


What are the latest developments/innovations in your field?

Advanced techniques and technologies emerge daily, and our team is committed to using the safest, while most effective products — especially when it comes to facial treatments. Several techniques are often managed together to achieve such a goal, leveraging products like Botox©, Xeomin© and dermal fillers. An additional benefit is many of these types of treatments require little downtime. We also specialize in daily skin care treatment and carry a regimen of advanced options essential to maintaining one’s skin. We especially like and have been impressed with results from the ZO® Skin Health Line, as well as Latisse® for growing longer, thicker lashes.

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