“George Clooney looks as good in person as he does on the movie screen,” says Hi Roberson, and she would know. Hi and Bill Roberson, owners of Classical Glass in the heart of Columbia, are multi-faceted artists in ways that go beyond their stained glass creations. Between the pair, they’ve worked in movies like “The Patriot,” “Radio” and George Clooney’s “Leatherheads.” They obviously make a lovely couple, because George Clooney cast them as a husband and wife without even knowing they were married

Their Main Street studio shop, Classical Glass of SC, is decorated with framed scenes in stained glass. The vignettes vary in size, subject and mix of vibrant colors, yet they all are remarkable in their artistry. Bill, president of the company, has two decades of experience in stained glass fabrication, restoration and conservation. The best stained glass is made by hand by artists, not in an assembly line in Asia.

Stained glass can be traditional or contemporary. It gives homes and offices a constantly changing element. It will, as no other medium can, change a room with energy and light. The design options are limitless and glass is a valuable tool for enhancing a personal space. “I take pride in creating one of a kind designs that are unique to a client’s personality and tastes,” states Bill.

 Bill and co-worker Guy Fowler design and construct the stained glass. They are currently working on a “limited edition” of specific designs. Hi masters an important part of any business – the customer service. Her easy laughter and animated banter puts customers at ease. If fact, a valentine gift from Hi to Bill in 1989 started the whole adventure in stained glass.

In the years since, Bill says he has created thousands of windows. By his count he’s installed at least 4,000 church windows throughout the southeast. Bill is a proud member of the Stained Glass Association of America. He can assure you a successful and enjoyable experience from design to installation.

To contact Classical Glass, call (803) 929-0707 or email, or stop by and pay them a visit at 3031 Main St., Columbia, SC 29201.

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