September 2016

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A Functional Upgrade

Congratulations to the three Columbia Metropolitan Magazine feature winners whose renovations are shown in the following photographs.

A Mustang Miracle

The unique relationship between a girl and her horse is timeless, and in Gilbert, South Carolina, 12-year-old twins Robyn and Reagan Leitner have literally taken their love of horses to the extreme.

An Eye for Design

Not many can say their garden is so beautiful and extraordinary that it is catalogued in the Smithsonian. Beth and John Wofford are two of the fortunate few.

A Soaring Spirit

Down the road in Sumter lives a South Carolina gem named Grainger McKoy. Grainger, born in 1947, creates wood sculptures of birds that are so lifelike that they appear to take flight.

Consultants in Gastroenterology

Disappearing into the Swiss Alps

On a picturesque mountainside overlooking Lake Lucerne from thousands of feet above, surrounded by snowclad Alpine peaks, sits the historic boutique Hotel Villa Honegg of Switzerland.

Donen Davis Plastic Surgery, LLC

Dressing Dorms

An estimated 20 million students nationwide are expected to enter college this fall. This past year, 32,000 students were enrolled at the University of South Carolina, with the majority of those being female: 54 percent.

Et Cetera: A Safe Landing

In 1930, “Municipal Airport Owens Field” celebrated its grand opening on April 24th and 25th.

Ex Libris: The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes

“‘Excellent!’ I cried. ‘Elementary,’ said he.” Sherlock Holmes has thus been shrugging off the fervent admiration and amazement of Watson and his readership for nearly 130 years, and still he does not cease to find new devotees.

Getting There is Half the Fun

Inside Out

Of all the reasons why Columbia is a great place to call home, one that’s often overlooked is the city’s climate that makes it possible — and enjoyable — to entertain outside nearly all year long.

Providence Health

Retirement Strategies

Americans are healthier and living longer; 70 is often called the new 65. For retirement, 70 just may be the new 60.

Rising Heat

“Feel the burn” is a popular catchphrase that refers to the intense reactions a person experiences while engaged in extreme physical exercise, or after a mouthful of a scorching hot sauce.

Simply Southern

Designing a simple Southern garden is as easy as baking a Southern pecan pie! All you need are the right ingredients, and your oasis will be thriving in a short period of time.

Southern Custom Doors & Hardware

The Buzz on Seasonal Allergies

Fall is the season everyone waits for year-round, bringing with it football, cool weather and, unfortunately, seasonal allergies.

The Sear Master

As machinery clangs and hums, William H. “Bill” Best walks through the workspaces at Thermal Engineering, the company he founded in the early 1960s.


Technology is all around us is an understatement. There isn’t a place anymore that has not been touched or influenced by technological innovation; technology isn’t just in our world, we live in a technological world.
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